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Friday, March 15, 2013

Gemstone for number 6 people

The most favourable gemstone for Number 6 people -- Venus is Emerald (Green). Strength of heart, joy and luck can be brought about by wearing this stone. Those with stomach problems can wear jade. Even turquoise will also yield favourable results. The presence of phosphorous in it will give strenght to the brain and clarity of mind.

Gem Stone for Number 3 people Jupiter

The gem stone for number 3 people jupiter is Topaz. It relieves depression, provides mental peace, improves quality of thoughts and generates positive influences.

Toto 0751 first prize and Damacai 8207 second prize, I am so close

On March 10, 2013(Sunday), the first prize for Toto is 0751. My prediction is 5712, 571 is the static number whereas 2 is the changing number and in this case 2 changes to 0. So it is 5710 and the first prize is 0751.

My prediction on March 10, 2013 is 8087, it came out on Magnum consolation 7880.

On March 10, 2013, Damacai second prize is 8207. 207 is the static number whereas 8 is the changing number. My prediction is 2700. As I have said 270 is the static number and the other 0 is the changing number. And here the 0 changes to 8 will be 8270 but the actual number is 8207. How is get it right is always the 20 million ringgit question.

How to attract the wealth energy?

These are Phantom crystals which can attract wealth energy.

Number 2 is a moon person. The gem stone that increases the effect of moon is pearl(natural ones). The  pearl should be round in shape, smooth and tough without any dots or spots.  It increases digestion and relieves men from mental disturbances, asthma, gastric disorders and lung disorders.

Ruby is best gemstone for No. 1 people either by date of birth, destiny number or by name. Its colour ranges from red, orange-red to violet-red. It increases the positive effect of Sun when worn on the right hand ring finger. The ruby has the inherent power to cure high and low blood pressure, indigestion and epilepsy which are generally caused by bile, associated with No. 1 of Sun.

A minimum weight recommended for the gemstone is 5 carats(10 gms) with open cutting(ring or locket) enabling the stone to touch the finger or body.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Damacai on March 9, 2013 is 0969 and our prediction is.....

On March 9, 2013, the first prize in damacai is 0969 and our prediction is 0909 which is so close.   Look at the Damacai ticket.  Our direction is right, need just some adjustment.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our prediction came out again on March 6, 2013

Our prediction came out again on March 6, 2013. 1223 came out in damacai. Our number is 2123, but came out 1223. As I have said, 12 and 23 is two group and 21 can become 12. We need to find a way to make it right. That is what we are going to do. We want our number to come out and also on the Top three prizes. We will work on it.